Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 13 – Buenos Aires

3 April    Kms travelled – 35

Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but not this fine fellow.  Today was the day that I was reunited with Idris.  An 8:00 start with a Taxi to the airport to do the necessary under the expert eye of Sandra from Dakar Motos.  It may be due to me being completely zonked when I arrived from the airport, but the long mad dash back this day has, at times, my heart in my mouth.  And I am used to Spanish driving!  Clearly I´d need to take great care on my return trip.

Aside from another heart stopping moment when the papers showing the bike had arrived could not be located (I could have almost kissed the bloke who popped his head round the door with another bundle of documents – well, perhaps not – but you know what I mean).  Shuttling from one office to another, and waiting around, and before I knew it they were opening the crate, and there was Idris in tip top condition.  While the extra week has been a bit frustrating, you have to give James Cargo their credit – they sure know how to pack a bike.  A satisfying bark, backfire, and the thumper roared into life.  Nice!  A bit more paperwork, payment, and handshakes from the nice customs chap and I was on the road.  As it turned out Sandra´s directions back were perfect, and the rush hour traffic had eased back to only major congestion, as opposed to manic gridlock.   35 minutes later i was back at Dakar Motos chatting to the guys and asking Javier if he could wield his much experience in Idris´ direction to finish off a few things I was unable to get to.

Andrew and Ben from Taz (and me)
While Javier rolled up his sleeves, I was back in the city centre sorting out the insurance for most of the South American counties I will be visiting (and some that I´m not – same price), getting to the bank, picking up a few last minute supplies, and making a call on the great people at the British Council in BA.  

Then back at DM, it was time to pack and have a few beers with the guys, ready for the off the next morning.  

Thought for the day
Today I have mainly been thinking about packing, the bike, and the route.  To be honest I have not managed to process any other issues that may have sprung to mind.  How very thoughtless of me!


  1. YEY !!! and know the long wait between posts start, and the adventure begins .

    Jeez i got butterflys just waiting good luck and enjoy the journey


  2. Bon Voyage Pat. Great to see your photos. I'll have a can of Idris' ginger beer as 'one for the road' for you.

  3. Congrats Pat.

    Tell me, James Cargo: Did they allow all the panniers and content etc to be taken in the package ?
    I.e, how much of the luggage in the picture above was in the box ?

    Keep it shiny side up ;-)

  4. HURRAH - Let the wheels roll

    Really glad for you . . . . . . as well as incredibly jealous of course.

    Stay safe and keep blogging - it's my new fix ;-)

    Steve T

  5. Got a few extra shots from Dakar Moto. Send me an email address to send them to.
    Enjoy the road!

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  7. Thanks everyone for the good wishes - hope you enjoy the latest bits too.

    Ray and Karen - you can fly a bike with the panniers attached, and include in them anything that is directly bike related (tools, spares etc) but not fluids, and not camping stuff, clothes etc. Also, you need to leave the boxes unlocked, so it is always a bit of a gamble leaving too much stuff in them.

    I only left my tools, inner tubes, one crash bar which Dakar Motos fitted for me (it needed some brute force!) - that sort of thing. Pretty empty really - as I had two 23kgs bags with my flight ticket - so I carried most of my stuff over.