Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 23 to 24 - Punta Arenas, Chile

13 to 14 April    Kms travelled – 3,723

I have gone quiet, sorry about that.  And particularly sorry that some of you avid followers have grown a little concerned about my absence from this blog.  There are a few reasons, however. 

I´m now entering one of the hardest stretches of the trip in terms of the riding, and a period when internet access is at best limited.  I´ve also agreed to do some writing for the media about this part of the journey in a bid to extend readership and help boost my fundraising for Unicef. 

Lamb in Argentina - nice!
Understandably publishers are not interested in reprinting material that is already freely available online, so I am under a form of embargo with regards the stories and experiences I am picking up along the way – and they are many.  Don´t worry though, I am still travelling and still writing, and I will be letting you know in due course when and where you can get your hands on this stretch of the Pat Around the Americas story.  I´ll be posting a few pics that don´t conflict with the stories being prepared for the media.

Normal service will resume in due course, and in the interim (and while I have good internet connections) I will be taking the opportunity to update some of the supporting pages to this website.  This will include more detailed information on the route south (including the border crossings for that part of the trip), updated stats, and some reviews on how the kit and bike are holding up.  I´ll highlight what has been updated in my posts over the next couple of weeks.

You can now read about this section of the journey in Issue 13 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine.  See:  for information on how you can get your digital copy. 


  1. As long as you're ok Pat, quite understand. Keep safe. PJ

  2. Glad alls well and your still rolling.

    Steve T

  3. Yes, indeed I was waiting for the briefing, but do understand your preference. Keep on rollin' ...