Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 34 to 35 – to Trevelin and Bariloche

24 to 25 April    Kms travelled – 7,152

I´d like to say just a quick thank you to Clare and Victor for their hospitality, and to Iwan for his time.

I´m still moving (but not as quickly as I´d like) – still taking photos – and still writing.  It is almost like this country doesn´t want to let me go!

Thought for the day
I was just wondering as I ride and write whether my thoughts and opinions recorded on this blog and in other writings will end up contradicting earlier posts, or perhaps evolve as the journey progresses.  I will try to remain true to what I feel at each stage of the venture, and to aid in that, not to re-read earlier material too much until after the show is over.  It will be interesting to see if things do change.

You can now read about this section of the journey in Issue 13 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine.  See:  for information on how you can get your digital copy. 

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