Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 39 to 40 – to Los Andes, Chile

29 to 30 April    Kms travelled – 9,150

Its hard not writing this blog for this part of the trip, but I am still writing about it.  

I´m doing OK, not great, just OK – and still heading upwards.  Idris is starting to complain a bit, so some TLC might be in order soon.

Do you view your bike through rose tinted glasses?
Thought for the day
I never thought this was going to be easy – but have I left it too late?  Should I have done it years ago?  I know others who have done this trip in the same sort of timeframe, or less, and who are much older than me.  But every trip is different because every person is different - I can only count on how I feel, and the strains on my own person, and I am now finding it hard.  So my main thoughts today have been, ouch, ahh, eek, and ouch again!  Still smiling though – but it is starting to look a bit more like a grimace...


  1. Hi Pat,

    Keep at it old chum - every trip goes through a patch like this anbd I don't suppose your 'vow of silence' is helping much!

    Remember too that you set of with little experience - but I bet that as of right now you're more expeienced than 90% of the folks reading this blog!



  2. No shame in taking a couple of days off for you and Idris!
    Hang in there - only a few thousand klicks up to the wide highways.
    We will be in Montana/Wyoming in early August - just in case you two are in the neighbourhood ;-)
    Roll on buddy, roll on !!!

  3. Hi Pat,

    I don't know you, but keep in mind that travelling is the same as life : up and down....
    Travelling is just an excuse, but the true is inside you and the discover you did : countries, landscape, people....
    You growing up each day, and your experience is own.
    The question is not if the timeframe is good or not. I do it when it the time for you. If for different reasons you decide to stop, nobody can't say something. Looking what you're did....

    On my side I'm preparing a RTW, starting in south America, but I don't know it's for long time. My plan is for 2 years, but it could be shorter or longer.....


  4. Thanks for the messages guys, they help.

    Damien, thanks for the support. My only real word of advice regarding South America is to give it more time than you would expect. It is a BIG place, and the roads are not as quick as you might think. Also, Peru has some of the best bike riding I´ve experienced so far - so try and get away from the coast if you can.

    Thanks again.

  5. Just remember the old adage:

    A bad day on the bike is better than a good day at the office.

    Keep your chin up. All will come good in the end.