Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 36 to 38 – to Mendoza

26 to 28 April    Kms travelled – 8,468

Idris and I are OK, but some big decisions need to be made now about the trip.  I´ve lost more time rather than making some up, so I have to return to my wish list of things to do and reprioritise.  Feeling a bit down about that – but there is so much to see and do, I can´t possibly fit everything in.  Tough choices ahead!

Thought for the day
What a wondrous world we live in.  There is beauty all around - in the people, the flora and fauna, and also in the landscape.  I´ve mentioned before the scale of this country, but as each day passes I am still able to be stunned by the majesty of nature.  I hope that continues, but I just wish I was finding it a little easier to get to.  I suppose the greatest rewards are those we work for. 

You can now read about this section of the journey in Issue 13 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine.  See:  for information on how you can get your digital copy. 

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