Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 41 to 43 – to Antofagasta, Chile

1 to 3 May    Kms travelled – 10,568

As promised I´ve been updating some of the border crossing information for those tackled to date, just in case there are people out there who may find that of interest.  See the tab above for the Borders page.

Thought for the day
Should Tsunami warning and evacuation signs inspire confidence that the local authorities have things in hand, or cause concern that you are in the wrong place (though perhaps at the right time)?  I think perhaps only a very little of both, as all the signs I have seen (and there are quite noticeable in all the coastal towns) simply point away from the sea (doh!) and not necessarily to higher ground either!  


  1. Hi Pat

    Had the same thoughts near Seattle - our hotel was on the volcano evacuation route but all the locals told us that it wouldn't make any difference as we would be buried before we got to the end of the street ! Likewise, the signs only heightened our awareness of the problem !

  2. I suppose just the running away gives you a sense of doing something - rather than sitting there and waiting for it to hit!