Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 51 to 55 – to Nasca, Peru

11 to 15 May    Kms travelled – 13,417

Here I am, and pretty much up to date again with these scribbles.  The next blog entry will be a full report of the next stage, as I am now leaving the embargoed zone.  I thought the south was impressive, but I have seen some sights in the last few days – and experienced some riding – that is leaving me a little lost for words.  Not to worry, I am sure the words will come, and I´ll let you all know in due course how you can get your hands on the published material (if it is felt worthy that is).  Suffice to say that I have encountered some of the best riding of my life!

Thought for the day
Over the last few days I have mainly been thinking about my wife, and the fact that I miss her greatly.  But I do tend to miss her more some days than others (sorry my love).  I have been pondering why that might be.  She is constantly in my thoughts, but it seems to me that I miss her more when I am in a place that I know she would love, and miss her less when the area is less pleasing (for the want of a better way of expressing it).  I wonder if that is related to me knowing her likes and dislikes and wanting her to be happy?  And feeling thank goodness she is not with me here in this place, when things are not so nice?  Curious... but I think that explanation might be close to the mark.  I know she would love Cusco!


  1. Great stuff Pat, planning the same trip for the end of the year so watching with interest! I heard the Norton Rats tavern was closed? Obviously not. Any word on the ferry from Cartagena to Panama?

  2. The Rats is very much alive and kicking it might be a new location though - still overlooking the main square). Nice beer and grub - and great atmosphere.

    Latest on the ferry is that it will start on 10 June. Looks like it will happen, but is taking longer than they envisaged. Might be a bit late for me that - so will probably have to fly. There are threads on Horizons (south america and central america pages) which people are keeping pretty much up to date.

    Have fun with your trip planning - I did (then had to change stuff when on the road!).

  3. Good stuff, enjoy! I sense the "hard days" are behind you for now? Always less enjoyable when your freezing your gonads off!

  4. Looking forward to reading the missing chapters! It all looks so big (and familiar in parts). You are doing a really great thing so I hope the roads get better and the weather gets warmer very soon.


    1. I'm with you Pat. Its hard to get a grip of the almost irrational sorrow of missing loved ones. I find it all consuming at times..X

      Jim Lovell