Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 47 to 50 – to Arequipa, Peru

7 to 10 May    Kms travelled – 11,771

As I write I´ve had over 10,000 hits on the website since I started scribbling, so a really big thanks to all of you for the ongoing support.  

Please feel free to share the link to the blog with your friends, work colleagues and family (if you think they may be interested).  The more the merrier to help keep those donations to Unicef rolling in.  

If you don´t want to use the online Just Giving page (see link on top right of this site) – you can donate to Unicef in all sorts of ways – their website will give details on how to do that.  Just remember to post a quick message on the blog, so we can count it towards the total.   

I rode down there, I did!


  1. Wow - quite the mountain range! Looks pretty rough ...

  2. That was just the start... I ended up over 4,500m

    The landscape has been increadible - and different every day.